Smoke Bomb & Couple Portraits Lookslikefilm Meetup

Exactly one month before celebrating the first anniversary of my moving to the UK, I got the wonderful chance to visit the Lake District for the first time (thanks for the ride, wonderful company and yummy food, Beth). Even though I'm still new here,  I've been so lucky to meet so many wonderful and welcoming photographers and the LOOKSLIKEFILM meetup at Blea Tarn was no different! 

This wouldn't be possible without the time and patience of Chris (Beneath The Pines) and Amy (Let Love Flourish).  You two and the other organisers are stars!  

See part two here - Creative Bridal Portraits - Looklikefilm Meetup - Lake District

Stalking Photographers

Amy Faith chatting with other remarkable photographers!

Tim was probably wondering why I told him to touch the tree! haha!

Smoke Grenade Goodness

I've worked with smoke grenades before but never in such a cool location.  Liam Rimmington was our creative director and I only realised after getting home, that I've been a fan of his work!  Maybe it was a good thing that I didn't know at the time because I'm sure my fan-girling would have been awkward.   Agnes Black who is also a photographer, was gracious enough to be our subject for the day and she rocked it, even though it was a bit cold.  She's even wearing my sunglasses in the portraits, which I think really adds to the vibe of the shoot!

The image below even got explored on Flickr which was a shock because I haven't posted there in AGES!

Amy perfecting the look!

Jamie makes it look so easy!

Couple Portraits

Even though I wasn't lucky enough to learn freelensing first hand from the master, Lukas Piatek who took the time to join us from Germany, I was able to use some great techniques to get more emotive and intimate engagement/pre-wedding portraits.  I managed to quickly sneak in a few portraits of Sarah-Jane Ethan and Matt Ethan who are also incredible photographers.

SJ and Matt were also kind enough to end the meetup by talking about marketing and workflow and how to structure your business in order to find balance and success.  It was a short and informal chat, but it was easy to see that they were both incredible educators. Click to find out more about how they can help you build your photography business.

I had such a wonderful time and I can't wait for the next Looklikefilm meet in the UK!  It's been so great to meet and collaborate with everyone! If you've been to the Lake District before, I'd love to know what your experience was like and where should I go on my next visit?  I'm already dreaming of going back.

Part Two - Creative Bridal Portraits - Lookslikefilm Meetup - Lake District

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