Moo Luxe Business Cards Review + DIY Gold Foil Edge

After searching for ages for an affordable place to buy self-designed business cards, I came across Moo Print Limited (use this link for 10% off!).  Moo specialises in designing and printing business cards (flyers, letterheads, greeting cards and loads more).  I bought these business cards in December 2014 and I love them. I even decided to add a little DIY gold edge to the luxe business cards!  Pictures at the end!

Moo Print Limited  Homepage                                                                                                            Source:

When you get to Moo, there are many different templates you can choose from and the website is also extremely user friendly.  You don't even need Photoshop or design software to create Moo business cards.  There are loads of text-only templates and you can upload photos and logos easily.  You can create anything from text-only, one-sided business cards to having up to 50 different photos on the back of your cards.  Moo calls it Printfinity

Printfinity, baby! Sad face because I only chose 5 pictures for the back of my cards.

Printfinity, baby! Sad face because I only chose 5 pictures for the back of my cards.

After downloading an Illustrator template (printing guides included),  I came up with my design.  I used Printfinity but sadly, only chose 5 photos for the back of the card!  Will definitely choose more next time!

Loads of templates to choose from!                                                                                                    Source:

After using the templates, I uploaded my cards to Moo.  When I submitted my design, I was given an opportunity to preview before ordering.

Front preview                              Source:

Back preview                            Source:

I ordered 50 cards at £27.52 on December 1st, 2014 and it was delivered to Spain less than a week later.  If you are not in the UK, you can go to Moo's US website.  After I made my order, there is a quality check before the cards are printed.

Email correspondence from Moo.

The cards came stacked in a sturdy white box with magnetic closures.  The cards are every firm and look very-end.  I am 100% happy with the look and feel of the cards.  I chose a matte finish but you can also choose a glossy finish. 

YAY!  They're gorgeous!

I chose black for the strip in the cards but you can also choose red, blue or white.

50 Moo Luxe Business Cards stacked beautifully!

Bridal shot from my first wedding

Featured my beautiful friends on their wedding day on the from of my cards.


Even though I loved my cards just the way they are, I decided to spray-paint them gold to complement my logo at the front of the card.  I got some spray paint, rubber bands and napkins and gave it a shot.  I divided my 50 cards into two piles.  I suggest keeping all the cards together as the bigger the stack, the easier it will become to spray evenly.  I wrapped my cards in paper before placing the rubber band but this didn't work 100%.  Next time, I think I will sacrifice the card on the top and bottom. 

There was a lot of bleed on the top card because I held the spray paint too close to the cards.

After I sprayed each side, I left them for 10 minutes before a second coat.

YAY Finished!  Not bad for my first try!

Still unconvinced about Moo?  Sign up and you can order a  sample pack for free!  The designing an ordering process was very user-friendly!   I love Moo and I will definitely buy from them again.   Have you bought from Moo before?  What do your current business cards look like?  Feel free to share your cards below!