will i look good in my photos?

Hell yes!  Weddings are happy occasions, right? If you spend your wedding day laughing with your partner, catching up and sharing silly stories with long lost friends and family, you'll be comfortable, happy and relaxed.  I'll be right there to catch you having fun!  Of course, weddings can be stressful too, so when it's time for your private portraits, I'll be sure to prompt you to breathe and relax your shoulders.

I hate being in front of the camera! HELP!!!

Most people roll their eyes at the thought of posing for portraits (except for selfies?! haha).  My aim on your wedding day is to capture moments and emotions as they happen, not awkward poses.  At the beginning of your day, you might be a bit self-conscious in my presence,  but when you see your favourite Aunt Julie for the first time in five years, you'll forget that I'm in the corner of the room with my camera.  Most couples allocate time for formal family portraits which requires a bit of posing but I will make this as quick and painless as possible, I promise!

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We'd love to have you at our wedding! What do we need to know?

Full day photography coverage starts at £1200. You can also add a second photographer, additional hours and a hand-crafted wedding album to create your own collection.  Full personal usage rights is included in all collections, so you can print and share your photos on or offline. Feel free to contact the studio for more information to receive a personalised quote and access to the full suite of services.

Can you explain the reservation process?


there are two parts to the booking process which is completed online. you will be directed to a secure link to read and sign your contract.  A retainer/booking fee (a percentage of your wedding collection) is due upon signing the contract.  If your wedding is less than two months away, the full balance is due upon contract-signing.  When the signed contract and the retainer are sent, your date will be officially booked!

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Describe the way you work?

My style is very relaxed and natural so you won't have to worry about posing.  During most of your day, I capture moments and emotions as they happen. Sometimes, I'm in the corner of the room and sometimes, I'm in the middle of the action.  You might feel uneasy the first 5 minutes or so (all couples are) but by the end if the night, we'll be besties!  Check out my About Me page or Contact Me and I will be happy to send you password-protected sample client gallery. 

Are you a weirdo?

I don’t think these lovely people would have had me at their wedding if I wasn’t my true self! Weirdness and all!

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do you shoot with an additional photographer?

It's usually me documenting wedding days.  Many couples don't want a second photographer and in many cases, an additional photographer is not necessary, so it's not automatically included in my collections.  You can of course, add an additional photojournalist to create a more bespoke collection to suit your day.    I may even advise that you add a photographer to your collection if you have a large guest list or if your wedding day celebration occurs in multiple locations.


how many images will we receive?

The number of photographs depends on the photography coverage you desire and the flow of your wedding day. You can expect between 40 to 55 images for each hour of photography. But it’s important to note that a five-hour wedding with 25 guests and one photographer would yield fewer images than a ten-hour wedding marathon with 200 guests and two photographers on the dancefloor.


when (& how) will we get our photographs?

Depending on your wedding month, your images will generally be delivered in an average of eight to thirteen weeks from the first work day after your wedding.  Hand-crafted albums included in your photography collection, will be delivered between twelve and fourteen weeks of your final approval.  You will receive your images via a beautifully presented online gallery.

do you need to visit our venue?

It's not necessary for me to visit the venue before the wedding day since the season, weather and lighting may be different. The majority of my photography will be of your lovely guests anyway! ;) The best time for me to see your venue is the morning of your wedding.  It's emmensly easier to predict how the weather or light on your wedding day will influence the flow of your day and by extension, your photography.  


How long will you be with us on our wedding day?

That's all up to you!  On average, couples choose eight of hours of coverage (ceremony to the dancefloor shenanigans). Before your big day, I will provide advice and suggestions during the process of creating your wedding day timeline.

is travel included in your commissions?

Yes, if your wedding is located in the West Midlands. A travel fee applies to photography coverage outside this area.



Do you have insurance?

Yes, of course! And backup equipment, too!

Do you also provide videography?

No, I don't.  I focus exclusively on capturing your day using still photography.  I'd be more than happy to help you find a talented wedding filmmaker. 

do we have to meet in person before the wedding?

With weddings all over the place, it's not practical to meet most couples.  During the planning process, I am only an email away.  If you'd prefer to chat, we can schedule Skype/Facetime or phone calls which are convenient options for most couples.



Got more questions?


contact me anytime by using the form below!


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